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Family Law Attorney Maria Schopp


Lawyer Maria Schopp and her firm provide family law services in Walnut Creek, Contra Costa County, and the Bay Area in the following areas:

Maria provides legal services in order to obtain a dissolution of the marriage (divorce) including resolving complex issues from disputed financial and property issues, real estate ownership as well as spousal and child support orders.

Child Custody:
Maria provides legal services related to child custody issues, involving establishing child custody and visitation orders, primary residence orders, as well as establishing and contesting paternity. Maria is experienced in complex child custody issues whether at the onset of the case or as a modification once orders were made, including move-away situations. 

Maria also provides legal services related to other family law issues including adoptions, establishing both guardianships and conservatorships as well as handling domestic violence retraining order matters.

Mediation Services:
Observing the damage that is often left in the wake of litigation, Ms. Schopp turned to the mediation and collaborative law processes in search of a better way to obtain effective and lasting solutions for her client’s and their legal issues. Maria is a certified mediator and has acted as a mediator to many families in order to resolve their pending problems in a mutually agreeable way.

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